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Premium Brake Service
Your vehicle's brake system is very important for your safety because it allows your wheels to stop when needed. The brakes operate on a hydraulic system that begins with brake fluid located in the engine compartment. When you push the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure builds and is transferred to each wheel to push the brake shoes against the drums and the pads against the rotors. This friction slows the vehicle in proportion to the force applied to the brake pedal. Routine brake inspections and maintenance help to ensure that your vehicle's brake system operates as designed at all times.
Premium Cooling System Flush
The radiator (or cooling system) circulates coolant while you drive to regulate the temperature of your vehicle's engine. Over time the coolant looses effectiveness which can lead to engine overheating and other consequent damage if not replaced every 24 months. The cooling system is critical to engine performance all year round, not just during hot weather. The Auto Repair can perform cooling system repairs on water pumps, radiators, and thermostats for most vehicle makes and models.
Fuel Injection System Service
Your vehicle's engine runs on a combination of fuel and air that burns when ignited by the spark plug in the combustion chamber. Over time deposits can build up within the channels of the fuel system and fuel injectors. The Auto Repair can inspect for problems within the fuel system and also perform maintenance that may result in improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Price List

  Standard Package All Prices Subject to State Tax and Waste Dispoal Fees Premium Package All Prices Subject to State Tax and Waste Dispoal Fees
Oil, Lube, & Filter $24.99 N/A
Brake Service $109.99 $159.99
Brake System Flush $39.99 N/A
Cooling System Flush $89.99 $109.99
Power Steering Flush $89.99 N/A
Fuel Injection System Service $120.00 N/A
Transmission Service $69.00 $75.00
Differential Service $69.99 N/A
Tire Rotation $10.00 N/A